Welcome to The Azimuth Group

The Partners and Associates of The Azimuth Group, Inc. are excited to mark the beginning of our fourth year of providing strategic solutions to public leaders across the United States. We are grateful for the confidence our clients have displayed by entrusting us with some of their most complex and demanding challenges.

And just what, you may ask, is an azimuth?  Rooted in the Arabic ('as-sumūt')  - meaning the way - an azimuth can be understood as a measure of one's direction of travel,  expressed in degrees from a known and fixed point.

This concept is put to practical use  in such diverse fields as engineering, celestial navigation, cartography, astronomy, mining and the military. For the consultants of the Azimuth Group, it is symbolic of what we do: help our clients find new ways, new paths, new directions.

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The Azimuth Mission

At the Azimuth Group, our mission is as demanding as it is simple: help public leaders discover new directions for strategic success, bring clarity to their processes and technologies, and effect a lasting, positive impact on the communities they serve.

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Client Impact

Impact. That is what we are in business to deliver. Sustainable and beneficial impact. Working across a broad range of strategic, human, process and technology competencies, the professionals of the Azimuth Group and our allied firms have amassed an impressive record of  helping our clients succeed. 

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